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Dance as Medicine

Dancing is a great medicine that benefits our bodies in so many ways, and is a form of expressing what your soul wants to say without words.

Since I was a child I knew I had a passion for dancing and now as an adult I see everything so much clearer. Dance was an escape from my reality. It was a way to express what I was experiencing, my insecurities, fears and lack of love. When I finished dancing I always felt strong, safe and courageous.

I can see how dancing helped me in many aspects of my life. It fed my soul with love and joy through hard times and has led me down the path of self-discovery. It’s also helped me learn to honor my body. At the age of 20 I began to feel a lot of anxiety. I remember one day I had a crisis in a supermarket. I started dancing and forgot about the world, which was incredible to see and feel how everything transformed. I did not put up resistance to what I felt, I just observed it and in the midst of fear I began to activate my body with the movement. I thought, ¨Wow, I feel much better, calmer and more peaceful.¨ I began to study more about it and I now understand that when we enter into a state of anxiety, our brain releases large amounts of cortisol, the stress hormone. And when we start dancing, endorphins are released in our brain which act as neurotransmitters generating a sense of well-being.

After all my experiences, I can confidently claim that dance is more than physical exercise. It is a tool that provides mental and spiritual help, inner peace, and a life in harmony.

These are more of the wonderful benefits that we receive through dancing:

  • Better health

  • Stronger muscles

  • Better balance and coordination

  • More energy

  • Less stress

  • Improves mood

  • Helps connect with ourselves and others

  • Improves self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Increases intelligence and prevents aging

Dance changed and continues to change my life. Start dancing and allow it to positively enhance your life as well!

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